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In your line of work, you need solutions that deliver more than just uptime. Connectivity you can count on is elementary when you can experience the benefits of resilience, security, application performance, rapid deployment, and ease of use, wherever the job takes you.

outside broadcast

go live on air with
certainty, anywhere

When you’re on location about to go live with an outside broadcast, depending on a single network could mean losing your connection—and your audience.

Brought to you by outside broadcast veterans, our connectivity solutions give you certainty in dynamic and often challenging situations.


  • Get connected in minutes, without the need to provision services on location first.
  • Broadcast with confidence from moving vehicles and where wired connections are unavailable.
  • Choose from ultra-portable/battery powered, all-weather and rackmount options, for purchase or wet/dry hire.
  • Choose from a wide range of antennas and accessories for different use cases.


  • Obtain a highly stable connection by leveraging multiple consumer networks like cellular, broadband and Wi-Fi.
  • Eliminate packet loss and disconnects, even if 4G is all that’s available, by using Diversity*.
  • Minimise jitter and end-to-end delay, ensuring seamless interaction between presenters and guests in the studio and on location.
  • *Available on certain multi-WAN routers. Ask us for our Technical Brief that compares the benefits of diversity, bonding and load balancing for a range of use cases.


  • Breathe new life into legacy products: our solutions work with any broadcast IP codec.
  • Use with any available WAN connection–cellular, DSL, fibre, Wi-Fi, or satellite–and any ISP.
  • Provide fast and reliable internet or VPN connectivity for team access to email, social media, file transfers, and other work.
See our Services page for details about how we can support your next outside broadcast or live event.

success stories

Silver Lake Audio
When unforeseen events leave other broadcasters out in the cold, Silver Lake Audio keeps its client safe and sound using Mediaport®
We consider Mediaport® to be an important safety net for our radio remotes, when internet interruption can be a big problem if you’re depending on a single connection.
Steve Kirsch, President, Silver Lake Audio

remote operations

work outside the box

Your people go wherever their work takes them and need 24/7 access to company resources.

Eliminate the guesswork of provisioning connectivity for disparate situations by using multi-WAN solutions that adapt to any remote work environment.


  • Keep everyone connected at home, in the field, and on the road.
  • Deliver consistent application performance for videoconferencing, file sharing, and more.
  • Maintain productivity even when others in the household hog internet bandwidth, by utilising multiple WANs simultaneously.
  • Streamline inter-team collaboration.


  • Provide remote employees with direct, secure access to office resources like file servers, email, and CRM.
  • Choose from ultra-portable and battery-powered, in-vehicle, desktop, and rackmount products, with a wide range of internal and external antennas.
  • Leverage all WAN resources available on location, including 4G/5G, broadband, and Wi-Fi.
  • Plug and play, without on-site IT expertise.


  • Protect company data by employing the latest VPN encryption technology.
  • Apply corporate security policies centrally by routing all public internet traffic via head-office firewalls instead of local internet breakout.
  • Deter remote employees from storing files locally and reduce the potential impact of laptop theft by giving them fast and direct access to company file servers.

key use cases

Work From Home Keep employees productive despite poor home internet connections, enabling team collaboration and video conferencing without dropouts or delays, even if other members of the household are online. Field Professionals Give employees travelling and working in the field access to company IT infrastructure with portable connectivity that doesn’t depend on a power source, wired connection, or non-secure Wi-Fi. Remote Hands Instead of sending highly-paid experts to remote sites for diagnostics or information/evidence gathering, expedite the work cost-effectively by providing on-site operatives with reliable connectivity that supports effective real-time collaboration with off-site experts.

success stories

Professional Darts Corporation
Game on, lockdown or not: top players participate remotely in a live sport event
It was exactly what we hoped. Pileus resolved the problem entirely, enabling a flawless live stream. We highly recommend this solution.
Matt Porter, CEO, PDC
360Globalnet saves millions for insurers using Mediaport® to transform the claims process
With Mediaport®, Wired Broadcast had developed an ultra-mobile product based on superior technology. Mediaport was the perfect solution for us.
Paul Stanley, CEO, 360GLOBALNET

rapid deployment

hit the ground running

Connect new sites on your terms, not your provider’s. 

With our multi-WAN solutions, your permanent, temporary, and pop-up sites are up and running from Day 1, with reliable, secure, and fast connectivity.


  • Bring sites online in minutes without on-site IT expertise, sidestepping ISP provisioning lead times.
  • Go where wired connections are unavailable and satellite is too costly.
  • Connect your entire site, including teams, printers, mobile point-of-sale (POS), CCTV, IoT devices, and emergency services, via Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Choose from ultra-portable and battery-powered, in-vehicle, desktop, and rackmount products, with a wide range of antennas for any deployment scenario.


  • Enjoy all the conveniences of your permanent office infrastructure while working at temporary, green-field, and remote sites.
  • Get always-on connectivity by leveraging multiple simultaneous WANs and connection types, such as 4G/5G, wired broadband, and satellite, with cost-based utilisation profiles.
  • Experience consistent, uninterrupted application performance.
  • Provide direct access to company file servers and email, while smoothly running real-time collaborative tools like building information modelling (BIM) and videoconferencing.


  • Ensure company data is always kept safe by securely connecting remote sites to head office networks using the latest VPN encryption technology.
  • Apply company security policies centrally, by routing all public internet traffic via head-office firewalls instead of using local internet access.
  • Prevent out-of-hours employees from abusing Wi-Fi networks.

key use cases

Construction Sites Connect on-site engineering teams and sales offices immediately and enable productivity from Day One by employing multiple cellular networks. Later, add a wired connection without interruption, if and when your ISP provisions it, and then use cellular data networks for backup and additional bandwidth. Film Productions Provide connectivity for entire production teams, on location and in unpredictable environments.  Enable rushes to be uploaded quickly and securely to cloud servers and post-production facilities.  Alternatively, provide reliable connectivity for producers and directors that need to preview live shots or rushes off set. New Branches & Fulfillment Centres Start delivering ROI on your new branch, retail outlet, or fulfilment centre immediately, regardless of location.  With 100% uptime for POS equipment, maximise revenue and prevent fraud. Pop-up Health Centres Quickly deploy health services like testing centres where needed in a crisis, without advance provisioning.

success stories

Highland Council
Agile provisioning: a local government brings remote construction sites online in minutes with multi-WAN connectivity
This solution has been nothing short of transformational in terms of how we work on site.
Dave Barber, Principal Engineer, Development & Infrastructure Service, Highland Council

emergency response

expect the unexpected

For special operations, relying on a single network in a dynamic and hazardous environment can leave you vulnerable to loss of situational awareness and detached from the chain of command.

Be ready for anything with a multi-WAN solution that delivers constant connectivity, helping to keep teams safe, capture vital intelligence, and ensure mission success.


  • Connect tactical teams, mobile command centres, and the entire chain of command in minutes.
  • Roam seamlessly across multiple networks–terrestrial and satellite, public and private, consumer and military–with uninterrupted VPN connectivity.
  • Maximise geographical coverage and deployment options by being network independent and combining WAN types and carriers including cellular, satellite, fixed line, and Wi-Fi.
  • Choose SWaP-optimised, self-powered options for unlimited agility.


  • Deliver a hardened, resilient network independent of power source, network type, network operator, WAN access media, or back-end data centre.
  • Be prepared for harsh environments and covert and unattended deployments*.
  • Use with standard military-grade primary and secondary batteries including direct-mount MBITR*.
  • *Mediaport SONJA


  • Choose from a range of encryption algorithms.
  • When you choose Mediaport®, designed and built in the UK, rest assured of premium software and hardware from UK, EU and N America, with anti-tamper and other special features available for government customers on request.
  • When you choose Mediaport®, benefit from a system-wide chain-of-trust approach to platform integrity, with secure boot and update using ARMv8 Trusted Boot & TrustZone, and Maxim DeepCover® TPM for key storage*.

key use cases

Mobile Surveillance Rapidly deploy ad-hoc surveillance capability at locations without permanent network connectivity and power. A multi-WAN router is the surest way to deliver reliable connectivity at any location without existing infrastructure or site survey. Hostage Negotiation Give the chain of command real-time visibility by streaming live video and audio from the scene, and support rapid deployment and decision-making with agility, coverage, and stable connectivity free of video dropouts. ANRP & Facial Recognition Quickly deploy temporary ANPR and FERET equipment, using battery power and multiple cellular networks where mains power and a wired network connection are unavailable.
For security reasons, we publish only limited information about clients in defence and law enforcement. Contact us directly for additional client references.

success stories

Humberside Police
Humberside Police use multi-WAN solutions to connect surveillance vehicles to central command for real-time decisions with HD video
Our dynamic deployments are more successful now, and we go out confident that the technology will deliver.
Gary Woolston, Technical Support Manager, Humberside Police

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