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Connectivity trade-offs are a relic of the past.

Now you can have it all—mission-critical wireless connectivity that goes virtually anywhere, with the performance, security, speed of deployment, and ease of use needed for the toughest jobs. Find the perfect fit from our complete portfolio of multi-WAN products vetted and built by Wired Broadcast, the original wireless multi-WAN experts.

mediaport® SONJA

without compromise

mediaport® SONJA is a range of rugged, lightweight, and battery self-powered multi-WAN routers with the most potent combination of powerful features available.

One powerful device,
three convenient form factors.


Worried about connectivity and portability in challenging environments or on-the-move? Choose the IP67-rated Mediaport SONJA Rugged. Sleek and compact, weighing only 1.5 kg (3.3 lb). Can be powered by 1 or 2 hot-swap MBITR batteries.


Looking for grab-and-go simplicity? Choose Mediaport SONJA Integrated with internal main antennas. Compact and lightweight at 1.8kg (4 lb), with main antennas, 49Whr Li-Ion battery, and charger all built in.


Provisioning connectivity for fixed sites? Choose Mediaport SONJA Rackmount. Equipped with a built-in battery and UPS functionality that provide up to 4 hours of backup power in the event of external power failure. *Available Q1 2021

Your infrastructure,
your choice

A virtualised OS,
for embedded edge computing.


Host your own, or third-party software in SONJA’s virtualised guest OS. Combine specialist apps with proven multi-WAN technology in a single SWaP optimised enclosure.

mobile-first means business first

Celerway's multi-WAN routers deliver superior price-per-performance powered by CelerwayOS. Priced to scale, they’re ideal for large deployments.

The Celerway mobile-first platform enables customers to harness the power of multiple simultaneous wireless and wired connections to take their networks where they want them to be, thus expanding the reach of their SD-WAN or edge and branch networking solutions.
Arcus is powerful, ruggedized, and enables up to 7 simultaneous WAN connections (3 cellular). Turn to Arcus when you need high-capacity connectivity on the move or outdoors, and application performance for latency-sensitive applications.
Pileus is a mid-range device that enables up to 6 WAN connections (2 cellular). Choose Pileus for connecting remote workers and branch offices using standard office applications.
Fractus enables up to 7 simultaneous WAN connections (1 cellular). Choose Fractus to provide connectivity with 4G backup for small offices using standard office applications.
With up to 7 simultaneous WAN connections (2 cellular), Cirrus provides the greatest resilience of our M2M products. Choose Cirrus to connect remote devices such as point of sale (POS) kiosks when resilience is required.
Cumulus enables up to 6 simultaneous WAN connections (1 cellular), providing connectivity with 4G backup for remote devices. Choose Cumulus to connect ATMs, ticketing kiosks, and other POS devices.
Altos is IP66 rated and enables up to 2 simultaneous WAN connections (1 cellular). Choose Altos to keep remote devices connected in space-constrained areas and outdoors.

Wired Broadcast offers companion products to our core Mediaport® and Celerway product lines.

VEMOTION For video surveillance and CCTV applications, we offer Vemotion secure video encoders, streaming servers, and viewing platforms. Ideal when used with Mediaport products, Vemotion connects the chain of command by bringing real-time video from remote sites to fixed and mobile viewing platforms at command and control centres. Vemotion’s advanced encoding algorithms adapt to available bandwidth and are capable of transmitting decision-quality images from sites with very limited connectivity.
360Vision 360 Vision Technology designs and manufactures innovative and robust CCTV surveillance camera and control solutions, as well as patent-pending static and PTZ LED illumination solutions in both infrared and white light options. Built in the UK, the company’s HD IP, stainless steel, thermal, and radar-controlled CCTV surveillance cameras are designed to suit a broad range of general and harsh-environment applications across multiple market sectors.
DEJERO We stock the Dejero EnGo 260, a durable and versatile mobile video encoder and transmitter that's purpose-built for reliably sending high-quality live video from remote locations. Available for short and long-term rental with paired gateway connectivity provided as a service.
GLOBAL DATA SIMS We provide local and global 3G/4G/4.5G data connectivity via managed M2M SIMs. Get affordable data anywhere in the world using SIMs that can be remotely programmed with local profiles for virtually any network operator in any country.
ACCESSORIES Contact us for antennas, carrying cases, batteries and chargers, and other accessories for our key products.

Wired Broadcast offers a full range of broadcast audio and IP connectivity equipment for wet and dry hire.

Unlike pure rental companies, we are broadcast professionals with up-to-date real-life experience using every piece of equipment on our rate card. That means we can offer you practical advice based on our tried and tested methods.

For hires outside the UK and Europe, contact us to get connected to one of our trusted partners. For more information or to receive a quotation, contact us.

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