Do your staff need fast, secure network connectivity to collaborate effectively whilst working from home ? We hire and sell a range of multi-WAN VPN routers that combine broadband with up to 4 x 4G/LTE for the ultimate in reliability, speed and security.

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We are your first and last stop for mission-critical connectivity solutions.

Specialists in mobile SD-WAN and multi-WAN solutions backed by field-proven, time-tested expertise, we guarantee a perfect fit with your application, from out-of-the-box products to extensive customisations.
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We're rewriting the rules of what is possible: experience the new standard for mission-critical connectivity.

December 2020

Available now: 3 brand new products from Celerway.

7 September 2020

We’re fulfilling orders of Mediaport® SONJA™ for customers in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. Interested in reseller opportunities in your area?

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19 August 2020

If you’re considering a multi-WAN/SD-WAN solution, you may be interested in our latest technical brief, “Bonding, Load-Balancing, or Diversity—Which is Best?” To get a copy,

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29 July 2020

Ampito Group, our newest  partner, has used Celerway multi-WAN technology to enable Gary Anderson, two-time world champion darts player, to participate remotely in the 2020 PDC Home Tour.  

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4 July 2020

Even as lockdown measures ease, radio presenters for Global, Bauer Media, and Wireless Group continue to broadcast daily shows live from their homes using Mediaport®. To learn more about Mediaport,

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June 2020

We’re about to ship our new Mediaport® SONJA™ routers. SONJA will connect remote sites for a customer providing digital technology for insurance claims management. To see what SONJA can do for you,

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When your most challenging creative brief is at stake, we have your back.

mediaport® SONJA

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Latest Success Story

Game on, lockdown or not: top players participate remotely in a live sport event.

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We offer a complete portfolio of multi-WAN products, including our own Mediaport® line as well as related products from other vendors.

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We consider Mediaport® to be an important safety net for our radio remotes, when internet interruption can be a big problem if you’re depending on a single connection.


We were able to get a customised high-quality product at a cost that makes sense. Wired Broadcast is an agile company that can work on the scale we require, enabling us to go beyond our customers’ requirements.

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When a second of downtime is a second too much, Mediaport® keeps you connected.

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