Bond internet connections from different ISPs and aggregate their bandwidth into a single, high-speed link. Bond 4G (LTE) with DSL, Wi-Fi and satellite to create a highly resilient, always-on connection. A Viprinet bonding router can provide enterprise-grade connectivity for a fraction of the cost of a leased line.

A Viprinet® bonding router can bond multiple fixed lines, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G or satellite links to create an extremely robust, high-speed connection to the public internet or your private LAN.

  • Real bonding of all WAN links - aggregates bandwidth upstream and down
  • Can dramatically reduce downtime by bonding different access media and ISP's
  • Hot-plug modules for 3G, 4G (LTE), ADSL and GB ethernet (VPN200, VPN300, VPN2610)
  • Optional Streaming Optimisations functionality for real-time and latency-critical apps
  • Deep QoS and traffic shaping
  • Data encryption with highest security standards

"I can't say enough about how good the Viprinet hardware fits our business requirements, without this hardware we probably wouldn't be opening our new depot and would still be scratching our heads for a cost effective location !"

Marcus Nye, IT Manager, Haynes Group of Companies